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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ps3 vs xbox360    This proves once a for all which one is truely the best. The Xbox only wins on backwards compatibility and networking cause it has a N while the PS3 has a G. but the wired is at 1Gbps for PS# while xbox only has 100 Mbps

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Fuck you I'm through
I want nothing more from you
My sanity is wearing thin
I rate, I hate
You determined your own fate
Now everything is caving in

Fuck your power trip and
Fuck your attitude and
Fuck your bloated ego too
Fuck your history, your tragedy, your misery
But most of all...fuck you!

Fuck this, all of this
Bitch and moan and bleed and piss
Seconds away from goin' down
Go ahead and push me
Your fakery, your butchery
Is nothing compared to my hate for you

Fuck your apathy and
Fuck your empathy and
Fuck your nihilism, too
Fuck your bitter pills, take 'em all, you never will
But most of all...fuck you!

Nothing changes, nothing fazes, nothing stays the same

Fuck your power trip and
Fuck your attitude and
Fuck your bloated ego too
Fuck your history, your tragedy, your misery
But most of all...motherfucker fuck you!


Friday, October 29, 2010

never delete system 32

Delete System32 is an ongoing trolling technique. System32 is essential to the running of most windows machines. It’s a special folder in the Windows directory. Without it, the computer would not work at all.
Originating in times before even Something Awful, the “Delete System32” meme is a technique to try to get unsupecting users to destroy their computer, thus removing them from the intertubes. System32 is usually presented as a virus, and instructions are given on how to delete it without the computer throwing up a warning message. Tracking down when the trend started is difficult, as Delete System32 doesn’t appear in google trends, and search for System32 was high before 4chan even existed. Finding people who have actually followed through on deleting System32 is even harder, as it basically destroys the computer. However, finding videos on youtube where people claim to delete System32 is easy. Finding videos where they actually delete system32 is not.
It is common for new users to somewhere, such as /b/, to be told “Delete System32, your computer will go much faster” or something similiar, until the advice stacks up en masse. Doing the actual deleting is very difficult. Windows is programmed not to let you, hence the @echo off.
Tracking down when it started is difficult, as google insights only stretches back to 2004.


Monday, October 18, 2010

As I Lay Dying Report

    During the 2000's As I Lay Dying was one of the most influental bands out there. They started cause they wanted to do something new, but ironicly it sounds the same or close to the same as everyone elses band. But As I Lay Dying stood out with there amazing harmonics, drums beats, and volcals.
    They started in San Diego in 2000 by Tim Lamebsis. With in a year they already recorded there first album enititled " Beneath the Encasing Ashes". It was released in June of 2001 but Pluto records. So after they recorded that they caught the touring bug. In late 2000 there was a short breakup of the band. Tim and Jordan went to Texas's Soicecty's Finest. While the rest did there own thing. But 4 month later As I Lay Dying came back and excited fans everywhere. In August 2002 As I Lay Dying and San Diegans American Tragedy released a split cd. This was the first sign of what their carrer held and there potentail. Shortly after that they signed with the record label Metal Blade or MArch of 2003. There offical debut album is " Frail Words Collapse". Frail Words Collapse was a crystallizing knockout blow to critics everywhere. They album consisted of the classic metal sound known as " Bothmian Sound". It consisted of crazy bass drum rythms, sherding vocals, and the moderen sound of hardcore. You could say they sounded like the Swedish band At the Gates.
    The next album " Shadows are Security." Time Lambesis called it " Cocept Album". They first 3 years of As I Lay Dying they went through many hardships. Like the 2000 Breakup.  But the album talks about how we find false sence of security in thing. The things were taught, the things we learn. They're there one minute then gone the next. The only was to break free of that is to findout for yourself what is the truth. No one else can do that for you.
     As I Lay Dying's members are Tim Lambesis - volcals, Phil Sgrosso - rythm guitar, Nick Hippa - lead guitar , Josh Gilbert - Bass, Jordan Mancina - drums. Just as for the grammy nomintated " An Ocean Between Us" the band e,mployed Adam D. as there producer. The result was the album "The Powerless Rise".
    In 2007 the intoduction of the bassist/ clean volcalist Josh Gilbert took the band in a whol new direction. Kick starting the creativity of As I Lay Dying. Even though he played in An Ocean Between Us he wasn't involed with the writing. But that all changed when they were writing The Powerless Rise. Along with Phils Sgrossos' epic guitar rifts and melody helped spearhead the devolmpment of The Powerless Rise. The rifts went well with Jordan Mancina's drumming style. Both An Ocean Between Us and The Powerless Rise were the greatest albums they ever did. Tim said he rather not fill an album with ranting. Which was one of the fundimentels for Powerless Rise. This album was and is completely different in almost every way.
    In an interview Tim said they got rid of alot of the dissonant sound from past albums. And anyone who likes heavy music uslaly gets into metal first cause its so commercial. They take the basics of Iron Maiden form the 80s'.
    As I Lay Dying is not preachy. They're just all christians in a band, they dont preachy there beilfs on anyone. Despite there songs do have a spirtual twist to them, but thats just the lesson of life explained in his way. Tim once said " Feelings aren't a good reason to do things." He says he believes in god cause he thinks its the truth. cause everyone has there own oppion of whats the truth. And another quote from TIm Lambesis " when you believe in somthing it affects every part of your life", and " if you find the truth go with it".
    Jake Bannon was called up to do the album art for An Ocean Between us. They chose him cause they liked the album art he did for Frail Words Collapse. The band said it really suits the mood of the album.
    As I Lay Dying is one of the few band that they know who are completely fine with there record deal. Metal Blade has gone out of there way to market them differnetly. AILD is the primary focus for Metal Blade.
Well metalcore began in the 80s' but the roots go back to the 70s'. The first hardcore bands were AC/DC , Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath ect... Even though they dont sound like hardcore from today stanards, people considered it hardcore. Then came the "real" hardcore bands from the 80s'. The frist two were Black Flag, and Bad Brains. during 80-85 there wasn't much success of the hardcore genre. But 89-95 saw the first big wave of hardcore. These band borrowed elements from heavy metal. But some of the bands are Hatebreed, Cave in, Bloodlet, Coverge. And then the thrid wave port more imporantance on melod and beats. This is where the double bass drums came serious and technical guitar riffs and solos also played a big part too. Killswith Engaged, Bullet for My Valentine, Trivium, Darkest Hour were all big parts of the movment. And having the pure metalcore label come out in 2000 help pushed the genre to greater hieghts. Who which signed As I Lay Dying
    The song 94 Hours talks about a regretful and depressing moment in someone life where they had sex then realized that it was a big mistake. He wishes that he could take back what he has done. "The torment of your eyes has awakened my soul." That part explains what he sees in the eyes of the girls. "I held unfading Beauty, I held your innocence." Talks about how he took her virginity away. He gets the message of how sorry he is by begging her to forgive him.
    Nothing Left is in my opinion the best song. The message is rather angry and straight forward to make a point how there is nothing left for a couple.  " Like those gasping, for there last breath. We can not hide, theres nothing left." Saying theres nothing left to say nor to be together with the person. The theme is he knows there more people out theres then just this one person. " to have this chance. And i know theres more then this. And I know theres more then you." Saying if he had another chance with this person he rather not take it and do something else.
    Well Song Ten is rather really depressing about loving another person but them not loving you back or even acknowledging you. Tim says Pain is greater then love. " One night opens wounds, and words utter pain." One night can mess you up for along time. As I Lay Dying uses visual words to get there point across.  " His kind words just fell near your feet, With there last air." Meaning hes just wasting he breath trying to get this girl to love him.
The future holds many great things for As I Lay Dying. They have been touring in Europe two times, but only for two weeks at a time. They have 5 albums released, one came out this month, 1 split album with San Deigns American tragedy, A DVD, and a Greatest hit. They even got to play in ozzfest one year, and many other festivals, such as Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, ect... So no matter how many ways you slice it there a inspirational and powerful band and still have many glory days ahead of them.